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Keynote Systems

Keynote Systems purchased this beautiful seven-story, 178,898-square-foot building as their corporate headquarters during the dot-com boom. During the next few years as the company restructured their business, they found that they required less space.


Reposition the single-tenant building into a multi-tenant commercial office space, turning a potential liability into an opportunity for income generation.


  • Created a welcoming environment for prospective tenants by renovating all public spaces, including the lobby, restrooms, and a fitness center.
  • Made each office space secure by installing separate security systems while allowing general access to the building lobby.
  • Reconfigured office spaces to appeal to high-tech companies.
  • Provided prompt and accurate budgets and reports on leasing and construction to meet the accounting requirements of this publicly traded company.


The newly remodeled offices attracted tenants to the Keynote building. Completing the transformation, Keynote's beautiful headquarters also became a performing company asset.

"Keynote knew that if they leased some of their underutilized space, they could generate income with the property. Real estate, however, isn't their core business. Working with Orchard's property management, design, and construction teams, Keynote renovated the building and helped us to execute a very successful leasing campaign." —Mike Moran, Managing Partner, NAIBT Commercial, Burlingame Office